Turning abstract futures into tangible realities through





Transparent Borders is a collection of wearable stage art, designed in relation to human motion

My role

Concept art, Motion research, Wearable design

Knitnet is a smart knitting platform powered by a gesture recognition algorithm

My role

Art direction, Machine learning algorithm design, Product design, Interaction design, Market research, Data visualization

Body Wearing Movement is a collection of wearables, exploring the integration of embodied interaction techniques into dress

My role

Material choreography, Wearable design, Concept art, Motion research

Textile flows is a market research focusing on pre-consumer textile waste in TLV

My role

Principle researcher, Data analysis, Data visualization

Dress Your Space explores 
speculative futures for on demand production of site specific interior textiles

My role

Principle researcher, Art direction, Textile design, Interaction design

Animated Textiles is an experimental artwork, exploring choreography principles in relation to the design of interactive materials

My role

Material choreography, Textile design, Concept art

Animated textiles is a research artwork, exploring choreographic principles in relation to the design of interactive materials

My role

Concept art, Textile design, Motion design