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Drawing inspiration from animation, children books, interaction design, game design, interactive cinema, and stage arts - A Trip Beyond the Horizon is a site specific augmented reality tour, designed to take children on a guided journy between stories originally written by Bina and Uriel Ofek durning the 50's-90's in Israel.

The creation is constructed out of three stories that are transformed into immersive playable scenes that are integrated within Train Theater's exterior compound. 

In each scene the audience is given an active role, an AR tool/filter and a series of empathic actions that they must perform in order to move the plot forward. The audience that comes to take part in the experience is given a tablet, headphones and a map. ​


Train Theater

Supported by

The national lottery of Israel, 2022

Jerusalem municipality, 2022


Portfolio magazine - Whats new // Beyond the Horizon, Aug, 2022



Co creator, screenplay writer, actors director: Ayelet Golan

Sound design: Alon Peretz
Actors: Gili Beit Hallahmi, Benjamin David Elder, Ayelet Golan

Video photography & Editing (opening video): Hila Spectur

A Trip Beyond the Horizon

An augmented reality gamified theatrical tour that uses wall murals, animation and sound - taking children on a narrative experience between stories originally written by Bina and Uriel Ofek in Israel of the 50's-90's.



My role

Concept & Creative XR direction

Art direction



Interaction design

Play design


MIcro interactions

Using a magic flashlight that can see through objects to look for glasses


Mama bear's house // Wall mural

On boarding video

Images from set


The styling of the illustrations takes its inspiration from the interior, industrial, graphics and textile design of the 50's-80's in Israel. The warm colors, yellowish backgrounds and typography were chosen to give the murals a look and feel of old press color block prints. 

The perspective and composition of each mural was designed with respect to the average height of the audience (children, 6-11 years old) and the excepted viewing distance - enabling them to view the scenes from a 1st person shooter's game point of view.

Dan's old mini market // Animated AR Layer samples

Dan's old mini market // Animatics


The animatics and storyboards were used as guidlines for the design of the overall composition, interaction and animation 


2nd scene / / Mama bear's house

The 2nd scene takes place at mama bear's house. She received a letter from her uncle but can't read it as she lost her glasses. She asks the audience to use the magic flashlight they got at the mini market (that can see through objects), to help her find her glasses.  

When the audience direct their tablet into different objects in the house micro animations with small hidden stories appear. 



Wire-framing & Navigation

In order to create a story driven experience in an open space with minimum distractions - the flow of the experience was first mapped - stripping it down to the minimum UI elements need to help users drive to story forward.  


MIcro interactions

Selecting objects to take from the shop


Dan's old mini market // Wall mural

3rd scene / / Tel Aviv beach

The 3rd story takes place at the beach. Here, the audience is welcomed by Rani, who forgot to get a present for his mother's birthday. He asks the audience to use the metal detector they got at the mini market to help him look for a present under the sand by digging holes and finding hidden treasures.  

Tel Aviv beach // Wall mural


MIcro interactions

Using a metal detector to look for treasures in the sand


Mama bear's House // Animated AR Layer samples

Mama bear's House // Animated AR Layer samples

Mama bear's house // Animatics

Mama bear's kitchen set

Tel Aviv beach // Animatics



1st scene / / Dan's old mini market 

The 1st stop of the tour takes place at the entrance to an old mini market store. Here, the audience is welcomed by Dan's voice, the shop's owner, who invites them to choose objects from the shop window to take with them for the rest of the tour.


Some objects chosen become AR filters/tools that are necessary in order to complete the tour successfully, while others trigger micro animations, transforming the window into a series of funny accidents.  

UI elements & Hierarchy

The buttons were designed with a 3d look with highlights and shadows, strong background color blocks, and flat 2D icons. This styling was chosen to differentiate these elements from the colorful wall murals. 

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