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Animating matter is a system that uses a magnetic force control platform that moves a soft material layer, striving to create continuous organic-like movement in a variety of soft materials such as textile, foam, paper or silicon.


The system was designed by the team of IDC's Media lab and was given to me to experiment with for 2 weeks. I used the platform to create a design system for textile surfaces which utilize shape changing principles to explore expressive gestures in soft robotics.

Animated matters no. 10-13 is part of an ongoing self-inithiated explorative research focusing on gestural expressions of soft robotics and smart materials, manifested through tension, release, and weight. 

Animated Textiles

A textile collection designed as part of an ongoing exploration into material properties and structures in relation to gestural interactions of humans with soft and smart materials



My role


Material driven research

Motion design

Material choreography

In collaboration with



Uncanny, Design Museum Holon, Israel, summer 2018

Print Screen, Digital Art Museum Holon, Israel, Fall 2018


IsraHCI 2019, Radical UI's, Prototypes & Demos session

Iddo Yehoshua Wald, Oren Zuckerman: Magnetform: a Shape-change Display Toolkit for Material-oriented Designers. TEI 2021: 90:1-90:14


Researchers and Platform designers: Iddo Wald, Andrey Grishko

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